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„Environmental consciousness can only conquer outside of its borders.“

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The essence of the theory in essays

1.1. Introduction
1.2. About global warming and wastage
1.3. Environmentalism and survival
1.4. Environmentalism and faith
1.5. Environmentalism and ethical theory
1.6. Ethical environmentalism, good advice
1.7. Political environmentalism, alliance
1.8. Political environmentalism, warning
1.9. On the necessity of limiting overpopulation
1.10. On the liberal way to limit overpopulation
1.11. On the ideal way to limit overpopulation
1.12. On the coercive way to limit overpopulation

An incomplete collection of eco-friendly ideas

2.1. Eco-friendly games
2.2. Eco-friendly, economical life
2.3. Ideas to politicans
2.4. Ideas to the rich
2.5. Ideas to activists
2.6. Ideas to researchers
2.7. Environmentalist quotations

FEcoWebS = Free Eco Web Services

This was started as an environmentalist project in the beginning of 2012 CE, its short name is FEcoWebS (from the abbreviation of Free Eco Web Services). Primarily, the free service of gives place to it, but it can be installed to other places too. The main output of the project was a homepage, but the title at the top of the homepage was eventually renamed, to better reflect its content - thus its title became "Free Eco Wisdom".

Through many changes, the features of the project formed gradually, together with its goals and strategy. Currently, the main goal of the project is to provide a small-sized, portable, error-free, free, public domain and durable knowledge-base that can be shown to those people easily who meet with environmentalist heroes roaming in the world. This is a quick reference to a distillation of philosophy that is has great potential in making the future better. Ideally, this would increase the number of environmentally friendly people and make them wiser. These people should form environmentally conscious local clubs. Thus the essence of this project should be the community, the writings are just there to accelerate the transfer of knowledge. Eco wisdom is necessary to increase the relative power of environmentally friendly people against those who harm natural life.

Volunteers or activists could help in this project, e.g. proofread the writings, translate them to other languages, make audiobooks out of them, do social media campaign, or disseminate our ideas in local clubs. Whoever is interested in this, can join to one of the mailing lists of FEcoWebS, which can be accessed online from the website and searching for FEcoWebS there.


The name FEcoWebS was eventually renamed to FEWS, because of many reasons. For example, this is a better acronym for either "Free Eco Web Services" or "Free Eco Wisdom", and FEWS also has a meaning that reflects that there are only a few people yet on the mailing lists on this project. (By the way, this word can also mean that there will be only a few people who survive the catastrophes which may come if humankind will not protect the environment sufficiently.) As this project could not attract real economic powers to help it, neither it was very popular, it is natural that there should be less goals, i.e. survival of the good people instead of the survival of civilization. This is our

Plan A.

The knowledge of humankind has risen to a level which enables people to do greater and greater good deeds, but greater and greater evils too... However, technology can be limited by decreasing overpopulation, because in this case the size of the market and specialization will decrease.

Implementing ideas in projects or web services

Project 1: Against the wastage of paper-based advertising
This project ran from 2009 to 2013 (not always here), but it is paused due to the lack of free time.

Project 2: Popularizing and financing FEWS
Information about the sustainability of the project: we should popularize a short book of good quality. A little project management.

Service 1: Top tens of websites, competitions, audiobooks, etc. about environmentalism
Instead of links, I (Arpad Fekete) share search keywords.

Service 2: Mailing lists about the areas bordering environmentalism
These are accessible through's FEcoWebS project page, and you can contact me (Arpad Fekete) there as well. (So you should search for FEcoWebS at that place, or browse among the projects.) If you want to get more eco-friendly ideas, please subscribe! Joining is completely free, you have no obligations from it. This mailing list is only partially about environmentalism, it is rather about those areas that border environmentalism and do good to the people. Such areas are, for example, healthy living, earning money, or sources of joy. Sometimes there may be reminders to environmentalism, and perhaps this way we can get more followers for environmentalism than by writing about environmentalism all the time. Note that the continuation of this project depends on how many people join to these mailing lists!

Web Service 3 and 4

Service 5: Resource-sparing, fashionable fonts

To find out what this is all about, the first paragraph of ideas to activists is worth reading. I've taken the public domain "Tuffy" font, and modified it with FontForge so that most of its glyphs will use less ink (except capital letters), and look so strange that it is a question whether they are still latin letters or not. I have created a prototype version for demonstration purposes, and put it into the SVN repository of the FEWS project. It would be much harder to create a production version: I can only create fonts by modifying existing fonts, and unfortunately, the public domain fonts are not the same as those using minimal ink.


During the Free Eco Web Services (FEWS) project my (Arpad Fekete's) language, writing, web development, SEO, social and project management skills have improved, and this project can help me in getting fame, reference, good karma, connections, new opportunities and more eco-friendly wisdom too. That's why it was worth the effort anyway.

Best ideas to continue

  • Corrections and enhancements to this homepage (a must)
  • Gathering good, eco-friendly people into local clubs
  • Social media and SEO campaign (needs one more person)
  • In case of more subscribed users, more information on mailing lists