I, the only surviving member of humankind do this for myself, maybe this will help me unregister from here as I've asked that in email a long time ago... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to my present(ed) knowledge, here are some thinking topics: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1337-1453: Hundred Years' War 1837: Earthquake in Galilea, Queen Victoria on throne 1953: Death of Stalin, Elisabeth the 2nd on throne 1348: PESTILENCE in Europe is there for about 2-3 years (ravens are black) 1848: Communist Manifesto (February, "Spectre"), revolutions in March 1898: photography of the Shroud of Turin, discovery of Radium, death of Sissy 1898-1902: 2-2 wars of the British Empire in South Africa & Philippines 1902: Alfred Loisy - "L'Évangile et L’Église" (The Gospel and The Church) 1414-1418: Council of Constance 1914-1918: The Great War (World War One) 1455-1487: War of the Roses (red/white) 1955-1987: Cold War (1947-1991?) essential parts (Vietnam to Perestroika) It seems that the Tacoma Bridge collapsed in 1940 in Washington State, U.S.A. The place, the size and shape of Tierra del Fuego is similar to Tasmania "Salay-Gómez Island" near "Easter Island" in the "Pacific Ocean" is like... "St. Paul Island" near "Amsterdam Island" in the "Indian Ocean"! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous (creative, sustainable) content is removed for belief in evil people.