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Arpad Fekete's introduction

I, Arpad Fekete, am a male, and born in 1982 in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary. In my childhood, I was a good learning pupil, but I was less experienced in human relationships. I was especially good in mathematics. Thus I've been learning the Programme Designer Mathematican profession in the University of Szeged. Meanwhile, I began to believe in Christianity, but this has caused me spiritual problems too. I was in Baptist and Catholic communities too, but I had to disappoint in both. Afterwards, I have based my religious beliefs on philosophical arguments (i.e. Natural Theology), and I have break with Christianity. My faith in God lead me to do good, and I have seen opportunity for this in the area of environmentalism. I've started from there, and I'm here now.

As an adult, I have felt the need for healthy living, for earning more money and for sources of joy, because I have got too little of these things from life. So I'm trying to do my environmentalist activity in a way that does good to myself too, in the mentioned aspects. I realized that participating in different kinds of challenges can have a beneficial effect to my Spirit, so I think I will pursue these for my own benefit, which might include some eco-friendly effect. On the other hand, I am urged to do good for the humility coming from the fear of God, as well as the desire for belonging to God, which is strengthened by the activity of Jesus Christ (and its historical justification).

Non-FAQ (not frequently asked questions):

What were the goals of FEcoWebS when it started?

This can be shown by part of the original TXT document:
The "Free Eco Web Services" (FEcoWebS) project is for creating a simple, free
environmentalist homepage which can be viewed online or offline. It will
contain a basic book for the friends of Nature plus some useful
environmentalist resources and links and ideas for activists, mainly about the
relationship of computers and environmentalism. It will have a relatively
little size, downloadable in a zip file from the site (and later from ftp if it
grows). The dynamic part of the project should be a mailing list about the same
topic as the homepage: environmentalism and internet, news. The homepage
should provide the following services and more, in Hungarian and English
(German and Spanish translators welcome):

1. Arpad Fekete's book on environmentalism
2. A start page with links (and maybe search api) useful for browser start page
3. Brainstorming ideas and tasklist for volunteers
4. Subprojects by topic (optional)
5. Scripts and useful software by topic (optional)

How much is the readiness of the original goals of FEcoWebS?

As of January 2014; about 64%, which is coming from the following estimations:
  • The book is almost ready, waiting for support. (90%)
  • As the start page would have possible legal issues, top ten lists are created instead. (50%)
  • Ideas and tasklist are present, but these could be continued indefinitely, of course. (80%)
  • There are two subprojects, which are enough, after the new goals are set. (90%)
  • There is a prototype font, but no more software yet. (10%)

What are the current goals of FEWS?

These can be seen on the main page as "Best ideas to continue". In brief, correction of the possible errors and popularizing that we already have are the most important goals, in order to have more subscribers to the mailing lists.